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This is a sub-selection from Problems

J Henly

reply to TBBroadband

Re: Problems

They can't keep their lines up or with even the same level of quality any more and their now surly support staff don't have any interest in pushing the LEC's to improve their lines like Speakeasy used to. Also, their accounts payable department is a disaster. They regularly took more than 30 days to register a payment that the bank confirmed was delivered, they "lost" multiple monthly payments ... although they "found" them as soon as I had my lawyer (at $300/hr) send them notices, and once I terminated my service with them, they sent no final bill and sent the account to collections before the bill would even have been due, then after another round with my lawyer, they admitted that they owed me for over a months billing due to their unbelievably bad accounting.


Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse

as far as network goes, as I've stated. The old network is pretty much gone. Now its resold and using various partners that is just backhauled to the MP data center in DFW. The old Speakeasy and COVAD days are long gone as those networks are gone. Very little of them are still around. This is even the network ELink was using for ADSL2+ and New Edge Networks, all gone.

I can't speak for the billing department as I've never had any contact with them, but I can comment on the rest of the company- as far as support and network.

This is a sub-selection from Problems