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West Tenness
reply to fifty nine

Re: Postpaid user here

said by fifty nine:

said by 88615298:

They give everyone unlimited minutes/text so everyone is on the same plan. Besides the future is making everything data anyways since it is actually all data. In 10 yeas you won't have "minutes", texting" and "data" it will just all be data. So you might as well get used to it.

They give everyone unlimited minutes/text so that they can bump up the price without actually increasing the price.

It's $70 for 4GB of data and unlimited minutes and text.

It's not "all data" now. The voice and text are carried independent of the data stream.

I didn't say it was. But Verizon will start offering VoLTE a year from now. What say you then?

Who cares about 10 years from now. Today I don't want to pay for voice service that I don't really use.

Then get your cell service elsewhere