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This is a sub-selection from Obligatory rant from Tennessee


reply to birdfeedr

Re: Obligatory rant from Tennessee

said by birdfeedr:

To save some of the effort and repetition,

• Only copyright infringers will receive the notices.
• Everybody who uses torrents are pirating something.
• If you pay for content, that's what you're supposed to do.
• Content producers have the right to control access.
• Anyone who wants something different than what the studios/labels want are pirates.
• You only have rights to view/play the content. You do not own it.

Now that these points are made up front, they don't need to be repeated endlessly.

Did I miss one?

[edit to add]
• It's against ISP TOS, therefore safe harbor provision can be selectively enforced.
• Enforcement action is merely "educational" and short term, so it doesn't have lasting effect if you aren't a pirate.
• Defending yourself for $35 is worth it if you aren't a pirate, since only pirates will get notices.
• If you do nothing wrong, you won't get a notice.
• You are responsible for your internet connection. You need to monitor your kids and Thanksgiving houseguests.
• Wireless security is your responsibility. You deserve a notice if your wireless is hijacked.
• If you make it to 5 notices, whatever happens is your fault.
• The system will have no false positives. If you're tagged, it's real.
• Don't sweat it until you get a notice. Then you get to take action. After all, you have 5 more to go.
• Most people who claim innocence, are not really.

and what if i am giving out somehitng i made via torrents?
WHAT if i nvm usa is scewed enjoy being like france ..everyone should drop the internet ( what hollywood wants ) and totally screw these companies over. i dunno go pay a debt or taxes or some shit...