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Deltaville, VA
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Re: The beginning of the end for Ubiquiti?

What did they try to steal? Hmm, they hired a principle engineer from Motorola. His job was to bring the motorola tech to UBNT. He was supposed to bring a TDMA product to UBNT.

Now whenever a company does that, they are suspect because it is entirely too easy for that engineer to just steal the technology that has been already developed.

In this case, clearly that was not done, for one of two reasons: Either A) the man they hired totally failed to grok the motorola design ro B) he was an honest man trying to find a new and better way.

Either way, the failure of UBNT to provide a viable TDMA system demonstrates that they stole nothing.

I should add that I have not even read this forum in months so if UBNT has actually delivered functional TDMA stuffz, I would have missed it and I am therefore clearly talking out of my arse. =P
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