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DirecTV is run by CRIMINALS!

I hear you.

Call them and tell that because they have NOT LIVED UP TO THEIR PART OF THE CONTRACT (by adding services they charge for without the consent of the customer) have VIOLATED their agreement with you, what they have done constitutes FRAUD!

Tell them that you IMMEDIATELY dissolve the contract because DirecTV violated it. If they refuse or give you ANY trouble ask to speak with a supervisor and inform them that if they refuse to end the contract (WITH NO FEES OR CHARGES FOR THE TERMINATION) you will be contacting your state's attorney general, and the local media.

Don't use DirecTV they are crooks.


I agree they are crooks. I contacted my state's attorney general but it didn't do any good.


Ogden, UT
reply to 15444104
If you have read directv contract, You would understand that is not violating it in any way.Nfl Sunday ticket does auto renew. if You dont want that charge on your bill, Call to cancel before the season starts. I have recieved a letter with my bill that informs me to cancel that service before i get charged. if you disregarded the letter without reading it thats your fault and you sound like a jackass complaining about something you could of easily avoided.