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Re: Ultimate - Stuck on 75/2 (new Subscriber)

Check your bill, if its around $99 for the service then your getting the old Ultimate package. That is the package i get. Lucky enough i get a 80-110mb download and a 1.9mb upload and a 20% discount i'm ok with it. If your paying for i think $120 and getting those speeds then you might have to wait until Dec 1st from what i'm seeing that is when the new speeds kick in. If that isn't the case then there is an issue.


Toronto, ON
That was the exact issue. There are 2 ultimate packages. I asked for 150/10 and was offer it for $75 after 25% discount. I finally got a rep that figured it out and changed me to the correct 150/10 package and I then got the new correct speeds. I then got an email confirmation:

Remove ultimate $99.99
Remove 25% discount
Add ultimate $122.99
Add 25% discount

Called retention to complain, they told me about the 2 packages. I told them I needed the fast upload speeds for the $75 quoted price. The rep switched me back to the $99 package and enabled the fast upload speeds. At last check, I was still getting 150/10, even after reboot of the gateway. Never got another email confirmation, so will need to confirm the pricing.

I also enabled bridge mode on the gateway, hooked my own router, tweaked the MTU to a lower setting (1450) and the Slingbox connection has been smoother across the pond.