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Montreal, QC

what is it all about?

Maybe I'm just missing the picture here, but...

the police allowed the confiscation of the laptop (for which purpose!?) over some proof of the possible download of a single album (isn't that a bit... nothing?) even while the family bought the same frickin' cd in the store, so already paid the royalties (which is why the CIAPC wanted to intervene in the first place: because they wanted to see royalties).

Seems to me something's missing in the picture, or the CIAPC is so damn corrupted that the family can sue them back for a whole lot more then just a Winnie The Pooh laptop.

O yes... My parents (50+) download too. Damn right they want to take things for a test drive before buying it. If you can do it with a car, you can do it with a movie or album. If it's good enough, they'll pay for it. Same thing what I've been doing all my teenage years and after. I've got a 1200+ cd collection, so I don't think the music industry has a right to complain.

Detroit, MI
Another thing missing is no copyright infringement was even caused in the first place.

It was a dummy file which did not match the actual copyrighted material in question. How can one commit copyright infringement if no copyrighted material was downloaded?

Now I'm not saying a Finnish court would agree with that (most likely they won't) but that's one expensive blank file.
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Looking at the bigger picture
Yes, that is kind of a catch-22 for them. You can't be convicted (in the US) of copyright infringement for downloading a dummy file (something that isn't copyrighted). You could be convicted of attempted copyright infringement but no such law exists. On the other hand, if they use the real file (actual content) then they have another problem. Since these are agents of the copyright owners and they are the ones making the file available for free, they can't then go and sue people for taking it. It would be like putting a sign on your car "Take me, I am FREE" and leaving the keys in the ignition and then trying to arrest the person that took it.

That is why downloaders are not pursued in the US.


Waterloo, ON
"...attempted copyright infringement..."

apple, Oracle, etc. would have a field day with a law like that.