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Mountain View, CA
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Re: [hard drive] SMART 197, pending sectors

This drive needs to be replaced. It isn't in good shape, even remotely. I don't care what automated tools (DST, etc.) tell you -- the drive is heading downhill. RMA it ASAP, and restore your data from backups (since at this point potentially 118*512 + 26*512 = 73728 bytes of data are either potentially lost or are definitely lost).

The last error encountered by the drive was at 8112 power-on hours, which is roughly 150 hours ago. But despite that fact, my above statement stands.

SMART attribute 197 indicates, by the way, there are 26 "suspect" LBAs on the drive. The only way to get the drive to re-analyse those (to determine if they're bad or good) is to issue a write to them. Whether the remap happens or not, the data you write obviously overwrites the existing data.

But given the health of the drive at this point (and for such a short lifetime), RMA it. The situation is going to get worse as time goes on. There's nothing else for you to do, honestly -- RMA it, or if you can't RMA it, replace it.
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All right, thanks a lot koitsu! I'm getting a new one.