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Parker, CO
reply to Arty50

Re: [IPv6] My router doesn't work over IPv6

said by Arty50:

Pardon me if I missed the answer to this question earlier, but after reading through this thread and several other sources I have a question.

Currently, when I hook my computer directly to my modem, I can utilize IPV6. However, my router (which is IPV6 capable) does not work over IPV6. I've checked the settings on the router a few times and I'm pretty sure I'm setting it up right. So, the best I can gather at this point is that I'm behind a Cisco CMTS, which means that IPV6 is live but DHCPv6 PD is not. Would that be a correct statement?

What type of router do you have? PM me your cable modem MAC Address and I can check that CMTS for IPv6 support in your area.