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FTTS - What does it mean real world in Toronto?

This complex is going up near my house in Scarborough (Bluffs).


They advertise FTTS, with CAT-5 in the units. I see online that "FTTS" means "Fibre to the subscriber". However, what does that really mean? Is it analogous to FTTH? Or is it more like FTTB?

I'm envisioning 100 Mbps service to this complex, although I don't actually know who the internet provider will be.

P.S. I'm just curious. I don't plan on buying there since as I already mentioned, I already live near there.
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I imagine you'll need to find out who the actual service provider will be, and likely that'll answer some of your questions at the outset.

They mentioned RG6 cables into the units, and I'm thinking fiber to the node, or to the building/box or whatever fancy terminology they want to whip up to generate sales. Is the provider going to be using last mile infrastructure or are they doing their own build out like Beanfield did down at the waterfront? I'd say call the Sales Pavilion and inquire directly about their FTTB provider(s).
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