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Bakersfield, CA
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Re: [Internet] Internet Speed Upgrades?

said by tim tim tim:

said by rebus9:

said by xendrome:

Looks like my Lightning account which was 40/5 is now 50/6 and at work we had 50/5 and it is now 50/6.

Anyone confirm or seeing and upgrades in speed?

I'm wondering if there was a little "favorable tweaking" done with the logic in the speed tests themselves, or if the increase is legitimate. The biz locations I have on lightning that were solidly in the 50/5 to 50.5/5.1 range are now approaching 58/6 consistently.

Maybe tweaking would be possible if it were just the BHN site but its pretty much any site you test from. There just provisioned higher now

Imagine that... an ISP that provides MORE service than they claim in their ads. It sounds too good to be true...Surely there's a downside like a 10 Terabyte download cap or something
...Who, What, When, Where, How... Why? Why Not?

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Melbourne, FL
You are right. The catch is that the cap is not 10 Terabytes but just one Petabyte... or was that one Exabyte?


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Tested Location Tampa FL.

It Look's like 25Mbps is the Max Upload.

The test was taken for maximum upload Speed potential Only.