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This is a sub-selection from [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet



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Re: [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

It's probably a problem with the Gen4 service, not Microsoft. Games for Windows Live, and Xbox Live work fine for me, I'm using the HN9000.

I went ahead and bought Dark Souls. Put about 15 hours into it, and one part of the co-op multiplayer works, you can summon others to help you fight. It looks a bit wonky, but no ones said anything about lag. I haven't tried PvP, I don't stay human long enough to do invading or much summoning. Signs also work.

There are some issues that are really annoying, I enabled the leader board function in the options and my console would lock up up every 15 or so minutes. I disabled it and haven't had one lock up since. Also when signed into Live and playing Dark Souls, if you get disconnected the game will immediately return you to the main menu.

Once I finish my first playthrough of the game, I'll make a PvP character and see how that works.