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Middletown, DE

Woke up to 1.9.1 on my Cisco Boxes this morning in VHO 8

I've been reading about 1.9.1 for a long time but since I have Cisco boxes this is the first I'm seeing it. After all the debate I've read I was expecting more significant changes although I haven't had much time to play with it extensively yet...


Norristown, PA
I was pleasantly surprised as well. Finally reduced the channel banner to 2-seconds. That's the feature I wanted the most!

reply to winstoda
I got this too on my DVR today. So far I haven't noticed any major differences except the screen color - and one small but annoying problem. Whenever I use the "Prev" or "Next" buttons, it takes an extra second or so for the DVR to seek to the right spot in the program, and another second for the sound to cut back in after the picture playback resumes. Needless to say, this makes scanning thru a program a rather tedious and unpleasant experience. Anyone else out there sharing my pain?


Phoenixville, PA
reply to winstoda
played around with it for a few minutes this morning, and i didn't notice any major changes apart from the guide colors. i read up on 1.9.1 quite some time ago though, so maybe there's more under-the-hood stuff than meets the eye that i've forgotten about.

the guide coloring is an improvement over the previous iteration (which was too bright and washed out). although now it seems like everything is just a bit too dark. guess beggars can't be choosers!

is there anything in the way of usability that i'm missing? one thing that still bugs me is that the VOD menu isn't in hd. don't get why it has to be like that.

reply to winstoda
My box was updated yesterday. The box hung and
rebooted three times! If you use favorites it fails
to save your new channel as the current station the
next time you use favorites


Phoenixville, PA
reply to winstoda
after having several more days to play with the IMG, i'm really not enjoying it. i am experiencing a ton of input lag. guide scrolling is nowhere near as responsive as it was previously, which is odd because i thought that was one of the "improvements" made in the update. maybe there's a difference between the tweaks to the moto version of the release and the cisco version?

i also STILL have a TON of audio/video hiccups on VOD content. this has been going on for the better part of 6 to 8 months now. it's downright ridiculous. this might not be an issue that can be corrected via STB software though. every time i call verizon and speak to a tech about it, they just want to send me a replacement actiontec. four replacements later... i think it's safe to say that's not the problem. there's no problem(s) with my ONT either. all signal levels are just dandy. gotta be an issue on their end. :/