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Richmond, VA
reply to PeeWee

Re: [WIN7] IE 10

Run the tests yourself (warning takes a long time to run)

Developed by Google’s Alex Komoroske it is a community based test. Clearly IE10 is fast as hell.

I gave up on the SPG resize test in Chrome. It went on forever (gave it 15 minutes) and only took a little while to complete in IE.

IE completes the whole battery with a 114 score
Chrome skipping the SPG Resize test gets 101.9

I was often way higher than the baselines in most tests but way under in IE in some tests.

Read this: »www.webmonkey.com/2012/09/intern···ed-test/

Microsoft has already come out dismissing Robohornet as not “representative of the performance users might encounter on real-world sites.” What’s most interesting about Microsoft’s reaction is that Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 actually tops the Robohornet tests, besting Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera according to some early tests by Tom’s Hardware.

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reply to Anon

Re: [WIN7] IE 10

said by howardfine:

Any site that can't use the technology will find a workaround or just not use it at all but per your request:


That's just one property on that test list and four examples.

But that's just the HTML side. How about the styling part: »css3test.com/

Those are just DEMO sites for WebGL. WebGL isn't final and have tons of problems. Microsoft is not supporting it for now. In other words, who cares.
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