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All I have to say is Pooh You RIAA!

I am so sick of the music and entertainment groups filing law suits against people.

Maybe if they want to protect their sheezat, then they should harden their delivery of the product so its not so easy to copy. They spend more money arresting and placing civil claims on people then they do on technologies to protect the content.

I have stopped buying CDS because I can get them online (paid for of course), and I believe in paying for content that I will use, but I don't believe in the way the industry enforces such content. Its so easy for me to turn on the radio, plug my computer into the output of the radio station and press record. Then save this content to my CD or DVD as an mp3 file and listen to it in my car. Which in the eyes of the powers that be, is illegal. Well when you present your content to the open free world to listen to, we then have all the right in the world to do what we want with what you provided is in my reach, and very very easily.

So unless you can prove that I "cracked" a code, or "hacked" a server for content, leave me and the rest of the people alone.

I am an owner of a radio station and I stopped paying towards the ASCAP, BMI, ASCAP fees, and switch to a talk format because they were running my radio station out of business with all the music I was playing. After expense I was making 18 % and the music industry wanted 22%. At a 4% Gross loss.. you do the math.

If it wasn't for the major radio station groups like clear channel, there could have been a lobby of all radio stations to send the music industry a bill for playing their music on MY radio station. I charge $22 per 30 second commercial. So lets see... Average song is 3 mins 30 seconds, thats hmmm.. Thats $154 per song. How much do I owe you in royalties? I will deduct the royalties from the bill you owe me and send you that big fat bill.

Will they send the big fat check? HELL NO.. They are too busy suing little kids!!!!