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Lincroft, NJ
reply to chong67

Re: [Connectivity] Do I need to get an amplifer and active retur

said by chong67:

Telcodad, I dont have a cable box. I look at my HDTV and the signal strength thing is grey out. I dont know any where to check the signal.

Sounds like you are directly connecting the cable to your HDTV then, using its "Clear QAM" cable tuner.

said by chong67:

I got my 4 way splitter (no idea what ohm or freq it is. Archer brand. Radio Shack?) and the splitter and cable are from 15+ years ago when there are no HD stuff.

You need to try changing to a higher quality splitter. See this thread: »[Connectivity] Recommended splitter Those 2-way splitters all have 4-way versions that you can try.

said by chong67:

The longest cable from the 4 way slitter is about 8 feet. Other is 4 feet.

While your cables are relatively short, they could be damaged in some way that could be causing frequency/attenuation variations. Otherwise, there may be a connector issue on one of those cables. See this thread for cabling info: »Comcast cabling question


Jonesboro, GA


Yes I use "Clear QAM".

Since I need 4 outlet, do you recommend a 4 way splitter or should I get a amplified splitter?

I read there is a 3 way splitter, one is at 3.5 ohm and the other 2 outlet at 6 ohm or something.

I will be getting a few RG6 from monoprice today.

I got too many variables at play. Dont know which is cheaper to try first.

My Upstream Power level is not that great at 50 dBmv. It should go lower. I wonder if a active return amplifer will help.