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East Saint Louis, IL
reply to grimalkin74

Re: [Speed Issues] Hitting a new low with charter.

I recently went through a similar issue. Your .36 sounds like what I saw if it worked at all.
The download seemed wonderful, always exceeded the 30 megs.
The upload would be virtually non-existent. On most of the speed test sites, it would error out from waiting for the upload to begin.
I could tell on charter's speed test that the ping time was erratic, and on the pingtest site it would show lost packets.

My first attempt to repair was a modem swap. No difference.
(I decided to try that first as at my Mom's house I once saw Zero upload and I decided to upgrade her from a DPC2100 to a SB6120, the problem never returned.)

On the first call, I told the rep that upload was non-existent and emails could not be sent. VOIP calls would ring, as soon as you said hello, the call would drop.
A tech visit came next.
Of course, while the tech was there it worked fine. He did tell me that a node nearby was having problems, but the issue was cleared about 1/2 hour before he arrived. I accepted this as plausible.

Later that night, problem re-appeared.

Next day, I contacted via Charter Direct, another tech responded on a Saturday.
Of course while he ran his tests it was fine again. He went outside to make a call as his Sprint phone wouldn't work in my house. When he came back in, he told me again about the node issue and it was now OK.
I asked him to run a test on the line again, since I was now experiencing the lousy upload. He connected his box, saw the packet loss.
He called someone else who looked at the node remotely and saw the issue. Common Path Distortion. He also said nobody else had complained, because most people don't use VOIP and only notice the download speed.

On Monday, the bucket trucks were in the neighborhood, I did not see what they did, but my problem is gone, has not returned.

The follow up by Charter Direct was very nice.


Morro Bay, CA
Well the problem is being looked into now, which is good. One thing I would suggest to all of you who have problems with your cable, that are longer term *more than a day or three* Call your city and find out who holds the franchise license. Then call them and let them know. Complain here to the Direct folks as well I did that and well after a few weeks of wait, I FINALLY got a call yesterday. I'm not backing down from the problem since its clear at least to me, that they've got major issues in my area.

For a long time I was not to keen on the idea of broad band being considered a Utility, now, I'm starting to see why folks think it should be.