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Let's Go Orange
Syracuse, NY
·Verizon FiOS

VZ A No Go

I could care less if they drop AMC. I download all my TV from different sources to A. bypass all the goddamn commercials and B. I can pick and choose which leads me to main point:

I've never understood why the providers haven't taken an ala carte approach. Surely technology at this point should make it feasible. My bet is they would make more money because of increased demand. Is there anyone who wouldn't want this?
Orange moved up to #6 and trounced Princeton. The football Orange cruised to a win over a feisty Temple and ended the season 7-5 winning our last 5 of 6. Let's go bowling!



Providers want to do a la carte. Programmers won't let them. They insist that providers take a bunch of channels in order to get the ones customers actually want. Congress let this happen in the 1992 Cable Act (which passed over a veto) and we've been paying the price ever since.


Glen Burnie, MD
reply to kingdome74

Couple of reasons content providers don't want a la carte:
1) By giving it to all, some people may find the channel that wouldn't other wise. Haven't you ever been channel surfing and stumbled upon a show you had never seen and started watching it.
2) How many people would really pay for what is costs to have the channel? Based on ratings, AMC might cost $2-$3/month if everyone that watches their highest rated shows subscribed. So would you pay $40/year for the 3 shows?
3) They can bundle lesser channels with the popular ones.