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Aurora, CO

Quick GPU question

Current gaming rig has 2x SLI GTX 460's. I have a bit of extra money and was thinking about snagging a GTX 670 4GB on newegg for 459 and putting one of the 460's in my GF's computer to replace the GTS260. Is it worth the price or should I wait to see if the price comes down more? Or does anyone know of a better price?

I know most games don't utilize SLI cards fully, most games show I have 2GB graphics memory, but from what I have read it really doesn't perform as such.

Rest of rig has AMD phenom 2 CPU 3.4 OC'd to 3.8, 16GB DDR3 PC14900 RAM, 1100 watt PS and off hand I can't remember the mobo specs or model here at work but I know it isn't a bottleneck.

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Best price on a GTX 670 4GB is $420 after MIR with 2 free games.

I'd suggest you go AMD for a video card this generation, however, unless you are married to Nvidia.

Read through this article to get an in-depth understanding of how the cards perform under the latest drivers: »www.techspot.com/review/603-best···s-cards/

The Radeon 7950 3GB runs around $300.
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