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dick white
Annandale, VA
reply to VirtualLarry

Re: [Billing] Leaving FIOS soon

You're good to go! Glad it worked.



East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to McBane
That's interesting. In my case, they put the fibre in on the other side of the house, and the copper demarc was never touched.

In fact if I go to earthlink, it say that I am available for 3/512 DSL at my address (not that I would do that).

In my patch TWC is much cheaper than DSL anyways and much faster.

Interestingly enough, my 2 year price lock expires in 2 weeks. Verizon wanted to charge me $30 more for the same 3-play but going from 25/25 to 50/25. No budge on price. NOT!

So, I'm going to go to Time Warner and get a free xbox + $150 for $89, then I can come back and get the same package for $85 + $300 GC from Verizon. I would have actually paid more than my $89 dollar deal, but no verizon will have to pay more when I come back . Off to best buy tonight.

They tried to tell me that cable modem was shared, and then I told him to explain the difference between a GPON and a CMTS...Had a little fun regardless. I also told him only 2 people on my block still have TWC, so it should be the superhighway..

Woodbridge, VA
reply to VirtualLarry
You should have signed up for another two year deal earlier this year when they had $300+ giftcards plus lower prices. At the time I got a gift card plus I added telephone service and my monthly price went down.So not only did my monthly price go down but I also got the $300+ gift card for the four Verizon services.

Then in July I signed yet another two year agreement when I signed up for the 150/65 service(I had the 35/35 service previously). Although my price did go up around $30 when I changed my quadruple play to the 150/65 tier.

But I'm still paying less per month than a few years ago when I only had cellular, internet and Tv with Verizon. And the Internet service was slower.

Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
reply to VirtualLarry
Offers from Verizon will start coming after you quit. I just received my final credit check from FIOS (switched to OOL 3 months ago) a couple days ago and today got an offer for TV, Internet and phone for $74.99 +taxes/fees. I am only interested in standalone internet for which they wanted to charge $70 after my promo expired, so I am no longer a FIOS customer.


East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
I went through two rounds with them and retention's, no joy. I have decided that no more phone (even if they give it for free), so I am going to port it (for free) to Anveo, and use for my office (many happy years). I never use the same VOIP provider for redundancy purposes.

In any case verizon wanted to take my triple play from $89 to $135, which no thanks. So I was able to get the following from TWC:

1. Double play - 20/2 (Turbo), cable card, digital cable/HD (like Extreme in Verizon-land but even more sports) - $91 + $3 taxes + $100 GC = $94 for 12 months (still have old cable modem) and NO CONTRACT.

I attempted the best buy xbox deal, but it was a pain and $133 for the same package I was getting for $94 (well phone was added). I didn't need the DVR (I use W7MC) which they force, so $40/month difference adds up pretty fast.

I expect my Anveo bill to be about $5 a month, max even w/ 911. Verizon phone taxes : $6.20

Downsides: 20/2 vs 25/25, and porting out phone #

This is really going to kill me on cloud apps, but such is life. No contract w/ TWC.

Interestingly verizon will for for $104 + $300GC (2 year lockin) will do the TRIPLE PLAY 2/ 50/25 and extreme.

So they are going to have to suck up paying for my ONT in my basement. The sad thing is that they wouldn't move $1 on either occasion. I guess they must be so arrogant with the wireless profits coming in. My cellphone + Mifi goes over $200 each month, so I see where they make their profit...

As to coming back: No. They need to know that when I flinch, I mean it. When Time Warner saw I had an account w/ them two years ago (and had for 10 years), they rolled out the red carpet.

I see TWC as an inferior product (20/2 is pathetic), and their IT systems are horrendous (over 1 hr w/ CS to get set up), but they are a useful tool and have earned my business in the short run, and if they continue to improve as they have, maybe I will stay with them.

In any case Verizon made absolutely NO EFFORT to keep me as a customer, so I guess unless I use their cadillac DVR's there is no reason to deal. I am not profitable enough.