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Bend, OR

Defaulting Turnstone CX100 P150 Processor Card PN: 200143-03

Our company recently acquired a few Turnstone Systems, Inc. CX100's off the used market, however, the default user/pass combinations do not work when we attempt to log into the device.

Does anyone know of a physical way to default the card, i.e. holding some combination of the reset/takeover buttons during boot, adding a jumper between pins, or any other way to obtain root access.

I am able to connect through a serial port and watch the boot sequence, which outputs the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway - Configuring my laptop on the same network and connecting with a cross over cable can provide telnet access, if I knew the password.

Side note, we do have working cards P150 cards that can be swapped/borrowed from working chassis if there is a way to copy the config from one card to another, but I have been unable to find any documentation indication how to do so.

Thanks in advance for any help!