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I gave her time to steal my mind away
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reply to FFH5

Re: Old enough to know to go to Pirate bay to get free music

said by FFH5:

She was old enough to know to go to Pirate bay to get free music. Then she is old enough to lose her laptop. And let's face it, the ones most at fault are her parents. And they can pay the price for not doing their job of supervising their child.

But she did not infringe any copyrighted work, nor did she inflict a tort on the IP owner. The file she grabbed was a useless dummy (so no damages), and freely distributed by agents of the CIAPC (so no infringement).

For which the police raided her parent's home and seized her personal property (I don't think Finnish law includes a counterpart to the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution).

I am certain the MPAA/RIAA would love to be able to send the FBI raiding on their behalf.
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