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Lanett, AL
reply to rustydusty

Re: PC Build/Won't load OS

No RAID card? ESX specifically does not like BIOS level type RAID (the type you appear to be using). As for Windows, they should all load just fine if you provide it the RAID drivers. The RAID level has nothing to do with this, this is entirely a driver issue. You may need to grab the drivers from Asus's website and dump them on a flash drive or something but Windows should work if you give it the drivers.

See here for ESX 5.x on that motherboard:

Note the commonalities, the storage controller works but only in AHCI mode (this is proven already since it sees your individual disks).

What guest OSes do you plan to run on this? If just Windows guests then go with either ESX or Hyper-V but if you plan to run anything else I would strongly recommend you go with ESX. It has MUCH better support for other OS brands compared to Hyper-V. The downside to this is you either will have to settle for individual disks or grab a supported 3rd party RAID card (the Dell PERC 6 is my personal favorite and does not need to be in a Dell system either, it's also fairly cheap and is a re-badged LSI so it's a good one too).