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Mentor, OH
reply to Badonkadonk

Re: [iPhone] Apple Said to Fire Maps Manager After Flaws Hurt IP

No alert about an update and I scroll down and see: Carrier Verizon 13.0

*Edit: I just turned cellular on, before I had wifi only.

Naperville, IL
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You should talk to Apple and see whether the iP5 fix will work on your 4 handsets. If it does, take them to the Apple store to fix if you don't get an OTA update.
After reading postings from the self so-called experts on the MS and Apple forums, I just have to shake my head sadly.

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Mentor, OH
said by Badonkadonk:

You should talk to Apple and see whether the iP5 fix will work on your 4 handsets. If it does, take them to the Apple store to fix if you don't get an OTA update.

I really don't want to drive an hour to get a simple patch.

Does Apple have on line "live" tech support?
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reply to JRW2
I won't update my4 or my wife's 3GS till they fix that(the wifi/cell data bug). The other 3GS has no cell card in it and has i0s6.1 on it. Since I have a capped plan there is no incentive for me to upgrade and make my bill go higher.


Mesa, AZ
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reply to Thinkdiff

said by Thinkdiff See Profile
That does not mean it's impossible to build a better product. It only means they had very little in the pipeline when they realized Google Maps was no longer an option.

Google does not want Maps to be as good on iOS as it is on Android, and that's pretty obvious. Why should Apple be held to the fire by their competitor for such a commonly used part of their OS?

There's plenty of blogs and news/opinion pieces around that explain why Apple had to drop Maps, so I won't rehash it all here. Their mistake was assuming they could whip up a competitive Maps product in such a short period of time on their own.

Google told apple they could have whatever features they wanted to so long as google got to put their branding in it. Apple already does this kind of thing on e.g. quicktime and itunes for PC.

All they had to do was let that happen, their users would have gotten what they wanted, it wouldn't have cost them anything at all, and they wouldn't have ended up with the worst mapping software ever made. Google maps was ALWAYS an option, and it still is now.

Trying to forcibly cut your customers off of what is by far the best aggregator of information on the internet (Google) is a horrible idea. Think about it, there is literally nothing you can do on the internet that requires a service Apple provides, but without Google there are a TON of services you'd lose. And now, some guy at Apple gets fired just because that company has to be so damn anti-competitive.


reply to JRW2
lol, I guess Scott left because he didn't want to sign any apology letters to the public and be the fall guy. Way to give them the finger Scott.

Point is pretty clear regardless of the Maps issue. Apple has dwindled in quality of their stuff since Steve passed. We need someone else just as quirky and direct as he was to take the company away from Cook before he kills it slowly. Put Ive in charge of it. After all, it was HIS private project (the iMac) that resurrected Apple when it was down and he's just as obsessed with perfection as Steve was.

Ive for President!!!

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to KrK
said by KrK:

They fired him for failing, however it was the Corporate Agenda who set up the failure. "Hurt Google at all costs, come up with something now!" Irregardless if if was what the END CUSTOMER wanted or if their product was ready.

This was all about Apple's corporate mentality. What they should have done was sent out the iPhone5 without the Maps fiasco--- let people use Google Maps.... while they continued improving and building their own Maps until it was equal to or superior to Google Maps and then introduced it..... not just rammed it down the customer's throats when it was half-baked because they want to punish Google.

So, the fall guy gets whacked. No surprise here.

And it came and bit them in the ass.

And no surprise they had a fall guy, something that as far as I know is not uncommon at all in the corporate world. Have a fall guy who can be fired when well laid plans fail, as it looks good to the investors.
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Allendale, NJ
reply to JRW2
I have a felling that bad times might be coming within a few years....
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