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reply to LesterZhang

Re: Teksavvy is down in the north west of Waterloo, anyone else?

My connection is finally working.

Thank you for your hard work TSI. As a student, I really appreciate your affordable services; I've literally saved hundreds of dollars this year just on internet services alone. The long downtimes are no doubt annoying, but the overall value is still better than any ISP I've had in the past.


I am in the Kitchener centre area (Highland & Westmount). My services officially switched over to TekSavvy on the 26th from Rogers (Phone and Internet).

We went down yesterday at approximately 2:30pm. It came back online sometime throughout the night, and we were up temporarily this morning until approximately 8:45am, and are now down again.

In total I think we've been down more than we've been up. Is this an omen of what we can expect in terms of connectivity, or is this an unusual anomaly?


reply to nitzguy
said by nitzguy:

These things happen, unfortunately fibre splices take an extremely long time to repair...

Then how come rogers fixed one near my place about 4 months ago within 2 hours. Internet went out at 11am because a construction crew severed the cable. by 12:45 internet was back online. Rogers crew was on site within 20 minutes
Now to be fair it wasn't a main cable that effected the whole city, it was a small cable that effected a street, but still.. heck suprised it was even that fast since with a street not like they have a whole tricity bitching


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reply to LesterZhang
@harmar... fixing a fibre optic line vs coax is like comparing a car to a space shuttle... it does require more knowledge/skill/tools, and as nitzguy said, there probably aren't as many of these crews around as there should be (and they probably make very good $$ as a result). Hopefully as fibre becomes more prominent that will change.

Buzzymandias and Atticus also made great points (I was in the same boat as atticus) ... I'm a student as well and needed online for all of the reasons he mentioned.... also as stated, not everyone has a laptop... not everyone can go to timmies, nor would that atmosphere be suitable for certain reasons (studying, tests, ect).

as Buzzymandias stated... none of us thought that posting here would get the problem solved any faster... This forum is designed precisely for the purpose which we are using it.

...To the trolls complaining about other people complaining... their posts are even more useless than ours.

....should I start complaining about the people complaining about the people complaining? ...if you know better than us, find something more productive to do with your time maybe?

Kitchener, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to phippsju
said by phippsju:

Is this an omen of what we can expect in terms of connectivity, or is this an unusual anomaly?

I'm in Kitchener and have had TSI Cable Internet since June. I can only recall two outages in that time, the one yesterday and one several months ago where Rogers was increasing the channel bonding.
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