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A Ninja Ant
United State
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reply to Thane_Bitter

Re: How long do Linksys routers last?

said by Thane_Bitter:

It's white if you use their easy setup button, it’s been awhile but when you press the Cisco logo it starts the process and the LED flashes white while other easy-setup devices are allowed to connect. After its done flashing it should stay solid white.

If you are not using that feature it will be orange, and it is possible to not be lit up at all if you turn the radio off.

Since you reloaded from backup it probably treats the saved settings as if you manually entered them, which would explain the orange illumination of the logo.

I did not restore from backup. I did the reconfiguration from scratch (physically held down the button for about ten seconds; did not disconnect anything either).
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Ah, well there you go so the orange is normal.