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Kane Hart


Does start.ca actually monitor their bandwidth?

I was looking at a few companies in the Barrie area and start.ca seems to be my fav one. Mainly because they seem to have pretty good support, and they have a higher tier of speed then the rest. But the one thing I hate about them is for some reason they got cap Bandwidth when the rest does not.

I don't plan on doing tb's of transfer or anything but I upload a lot of youtube videos as well as do nightly backups and such.

With the new Speeds coming Someday after this whole thing settles in dec?/jan? it will be great with the 4Mbps up on the highest package if I assume correctly and things go into place like they should.

So I guess the big question is if I start doing 500-600 gigs a month should I expect some insane large bill?

London, ON
The short answer is "yes we do", the longer answer is that in your particular area it's more difficult to do in an automated way right now and therefore the web monitor isn't updated online and as a result overages don't apply at this time. We do however keep an eye on people that are taking significant liberties with the quota that is included with their package and deal with them on a case by case basis as needed. The monitor will be active by early in the new year though at which time it will be easier for people to self manage. Additionally, we are waiting for a CRTC decision around the capacity rates which is what really drives the need for a cap at this time, and we are hopeful that with the new rates there may be an opportunity to extend our unlimited options to more speed tiers. Thanks!


Markham, Ont
reply to Kane Hart
hopefully we officially get unlimited on 18/0.5 soon..!