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Tucson, AZ
·Cox HSI
reply to Killa200

Re: Structured wiring questions for new (old) home

said by Killa200:

said by Liberty:

100% of sat installations REQUIRE 3gig swept/solid copper coax - no exceptions allowed

A statement I and my co-workers can prove wrong everyday when i come into work and visit the random house of the day in town to tear down their satellite service and put in cable. The only 100% requirement i seem to find is that the contractor use as much existing wiring as possible, weather the stuff be good or not. I swear if the satellite contractors in this region could crimp and f fitting on twin lead, they'd use it.

Around here we usually refuse to re-use sat wiring, as when they do run new stuff, it is the cheapest stuff we have ever seen. The stinger doesn't seem to hold up for any amount of time in the cable once it is put in a compression fitting. The core also seems to have little to no rigidity, and it will easily bend over itself, basically ruining the cable at that spot.

Unfortunately you are too often correct
There are legions of poorly paid subs who cut every corner they can to maximize their meager pay
Cheapo cable is a frequent corner to cut
100% of installations are infact REQUIRED to use premium cable - not the same thing as every installer DOES use it

These days, when returns to stockholders are vastly more important than maximizing customer satisfaction, quality control budgets are among the first to be cut

The 'easy to bend' stinger is actually a potential indicator of superior cable
It implies solid copper rather than plated steel - quite a bit more expensive than plated stinger