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Who Is John Galt?
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Push to step up domestic use of drones

Flood of applications

The Federal Aviation Administration has been flooded with applications from police departments, universities, private corporations and even the celebrity gossip site TMZ, all seeking to use drones that range from devices the size of a hummingbird to full-size aircraft like those used by the U.S. military to target al Qaeda operatives in Pakistan and elsewhere.


Apparently TMZ is denying this


but I'm sure the days of drones following Lindsay Lohan (to/from court/jail) will be with us soon. Get the DVR ready.
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West Chester, PA

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said by StuartMW:

but I'm sure the days of drones following Lindsay Lohan (to/from court/jail) will be with us soon. Get the DVR ready.

I'm not worried about her trips to or from court or jail. I do worry when she gets behind the wheel of a car to "have some fun". It would be handy to know where she is then, so as to avoid being run over by her.
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reply to StuartMW
So, we can probably count on more of this: Pennsylvania Hunters Shoot Down Drone Used By Animal Rights Activists
...The animal rights group says this is the fourth time their drone has been shot at, but this time the hunters didn’t miss!
I can envision an entire cottage industry of small-scale, anti-drone weaponry evolving - much of it essentially covert compared to typical military equipment, but perhaps equally effective against anything coming in low and slow. And if I can envision it, a lot of other folks a lot smarter than me will come up with some outside-the-box, creative stuff...
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Otego, NY

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reply to StuartMW
Drones for the drones.

Science says you can't have perpetual anything.

They are wrong.

Your government, thanks to your complicity, has indeed done the impossible.

The simplicity of it is stunning.

The drones wages, assets are taxed by their goverment.

These moneys are then used to fund the control of the drones.

Need more control, tax more drone assets.

The government then, has limitless funding.

Limitless control.

So when you look to the sky and see the drones looking back at you.

Feel the warmth of national pride.

You, the drone, have made it possible for your government to accomplish the impossible.

"But the world is full of annoyances; if we killed all of our annoyances, there would be nobody left" - John McAfee

Kailua, HI
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reply to Blackbird
said by Blackbird:

And if I can envision it, ...

Not really out of the box & absolutely not smarter, commercial fishing boats fishing in The Hawaii Archipelago would find it cheaper & faster to deploy a drone equipped with a fish finder hundreds of miles in any direction than sending the entire boat/crew on the search.
A drone designed to look like a flying fish etc... could be an awe inspiring visual too.

zichrona livracha
reply to Blackbird

The group ... was using the craft to spy on a shooting event taking place at the Berks County, Pennsylvania, hunting club when it was hit by a bullet from a high-powered rifle.

SHARK members claim they heard a sharp crack of a rifle, then immediately lost the video feed from the drone.

Interesting, especially since shotguns are the weapons used to shoot live pigeons and clays. If they used rifles to shoot at airborne targets, that exceeds stupid and transcends idiocy.
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