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Bless you Howie
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Re: Is Haswell the Last Interchangeable Intel Client Processor?

Well I have to say, my case is a bit of a challenge. When I build a system, I do what we often advise people to NOT do, and that is build piecemeal as I get the case to do so. I have NEVER bought a complete system's worth of parts for myself, ever. I've always bought the CPU at a different time from the mainboard. Just reality, and because I go from crises to crises (some involving my loved ones), and simply cannot save up, I can only spend like a French hooker, when I've got it before I lose it... Mind you, I'm still on a Phenom II whereas many of you have nice Intel setups. Please don't take this as me complaining, because quite frankly, my system does most of what I need it to. Really for me, more power would simply be good as far as BOINC and F@H. I just hope that this doesn't mean overall higher prices.

OTOH, troubleshooting will be much simpler, if it ain't RAM or SMPS, send the board in!

The companies that make the equipment to repair system boards will profit from this move.
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