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Newport Beach, CA
reply to Red Hazard

Re: [VOIPo.COM] HT702 BYOD not registering

said by Red Hazard:

Tried twice with factory reset and new passwords. It just won't register. I'll let support know it's low priority so they can take care of more important issues as required.

P.S. If your service was not more than satisfactory, I would not have renewed another 2 years with only 9 months used so far in an initial 2 year subscription.

We're somewhat limited in what we can do with BYOD device support, but PM or e-mail a ticket number to me (tim @ voipo.com) and I'll have someone pull your ticket and get in touch with you to see if we can help you out some with it.

Red Hazard
O Fallon, IL

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Thank You, but I finally was able to make it register. The D-Link DIR-655 H/W version B1, a popular router, after firmware updates 2.07NA and 2.10NA made it mandatory to have the SIP ALG ENABLED in order to register the BYOD ATAs I used (HT502 & HT702). If SIP is disabled, they will not register. It's been reported that F/W 2.01 has the same issue but I did not verify that. However, the VOIPo provided HT502 plows right on through the router regardless of SIP ALG setting which made troubleshooting vexing. I reported the SIP enable issue to VOIPo tech support for future reference.

Oh Yeah, when I was able to make my HT502 register several months ago as posted above, I was using F/W 2.00NA which did not even have an ALG SIP option.