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Stanwood, MI
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Re: My gpu is sagging, should I prop it up?

You COULD measure the current distance, cut a dowel to size and then add two thin rubber pads to ether end to prop it up and hold it steady.

However, as previously mentioned, it is more then likely FINE, 100% fine. The pcb's do have some flexibility and that looks completely inside design tolerances. I was expecting a flex of over an inch that is barely a 1/4".

I have seen massive scsi raid cards (4 channel plus cache ram) flex 3/4" and still work fine for years. One co I worked for even complained to HP on one server because we thought the rear card slot bracket was missing and the raid card was flexing a lot more than common sense said was a good idea. HP actually replied back to say they never included the bracket on that model and that that much flex was perfectly normal!
So we did exactly as I mentioned above we just lifted the card first so it was mostly straight before measuring the dowel. This became a standard practice for the co I was working for at the time. A coworker actually noticed this issue because he was putting more ram in a 3 year old server so we went back and checked all of them and all of the ones of this model and one or two others all had the same issue. (These were pentium pro, pentium 2, servers so it was a really long time ago. I'm not even sure if they were running novell or nt 4 server since I was just a hardware tech.)


Pleasant Hill, MO
Thats a really good idea, and I probably will be doing that in 2&1/2 weeks when my college lets out for Christmas.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your story. Makes me feel a looot better about my gpu now. Honestly so long as its not effecting my performance(which when I think I about it im sure a company like gigabyte wouldn't just release a whole bunch of cards/coolers like this for both amd and nvid, and then just let them sag to death. I'm thinking that may be what the aluminium brace on the side is for) I don't care much, but my mild ocd is getting to me about this.

Also very interesting tale, I love hearing about tech stories from years long since past.