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Kitchener, ON
reply to elitefx

Re: Teksavvy is down in the north west of Waterloo, anyone else?

said by elitefx:

said by Guido:

Redundancy costs money. If you want higher uptime, get a backup connection or a fibre connection (with a backup!).

Gotta say that's just the most ridiculous thing I've ever saw posted on here. Who in their right mind would pay for 2 residential internet connections?

What you need is ONE connection with a RELIABLE TRUSTWORTHY NO BULLSHIT NO EXCUSES ISP!!!!

Oh Wise One! Please enlighten us all as to the name of this mythical 100% uptime residential ISP! I hope they cost the same or less than Teksavvy. I'll be submitting my resume there tomorrow as I'm sure it would be lovely to work for an ISP where technical support is not necessary.

I await your response with bated breath.

Look, I understand the frustration people feel when their connections go down - I'm a student as well as a tech worker, and I'm usually online during most of my waking hours - but nothing (including ISPs) is perfect. Have a backup plan: Second connection, go to a library, go to your school, go to a coffee shop.