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Re: gen4 help with ps3 gaming and speeds

I live in a internet dead zone the only services available are dialup which on a good day I would be able to get about 20kbps then of course Hughesnet. I have been a gamer for a long time but since I have moved here I have missed out on the whole online gaming seen. I have lived in this dead zone close to ten years now and Frontier has been telling me that dsl is coming soon but it never does. So when gen4 came out I was the first one anywhere around here to get it. I have only tried to play three games so far Killzone 3, Grand Theft Auto 4 and Call of Duty Black Op's 2, Killzone 3 worked great so did Grand Theft Auto 4 but Call of Duty Black Op's 2 no-go I tried for three days to get it to work, I tried to forward the ports, I enabled DMZ, I disabled the routers firewall to no avail. There were a couple of times when it said my nat type was open and as soon as I tried to start a game it would go back to a moderate nat type and I would just sit in the lobby with the game saying waiting for five more players but they would never come while there were more then half a million players online. Sorry this post is so long I just had to get that out.

Chris Rickey

Thanks for the real world feed back. As a technician I receive a mixed bag of customer experiences concerning online gaming. While Hughes does not support gaming, I find that there are some people who have success with certain online games and not others. I am trying to see if there are any common denominators in those who find some success.