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Re: Linux Foundation UEFI Secure Boot Key Delays Explained

said by TuxRaiderPen:

90% of the crap in UEFI is that crap, oooey gui interfaces, snapshots of screens, embedded players, embedded software??? REALLY!???!

It is not mandatory for any firmware author to include such features.

And contrariwise, the old BIOS doesn't stop the likes of Dell from supplying their laptops with stupid embedded players (it's actually a reserved partition on the disk, with a dedicated button to boot from it) -- the point is that people that want to ship crap will find a way to ship crap; we might as well have standard crap.

Plain and simple RESTRICTED BOOT and/or SECURE BOOT are meant for one thing as implemented and released. Linux lockout.

Still can't get your head round the difference between UEFI and Secure Boot, I see. Or at least, still can't focus your ranting.

The presence or absence of GUI capability in firmware is independent of the presence or absence of Secure Boot support. So, while you continue to drift from one to another, we'll continue to not take you seriously.