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They sent first warnings out to all customers flagged for AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) violations on 11/05/2012 via Email (to their email address associated to their Clear account) and by VLAN - which is Clear's way of displaying important information to specific customers by redirecting their page request to a Clear page that clearly states "We have an important message for you. Please click continue." Once the user clicks continue, they are displayed with the warning pertaining to the AUP violation. There is no way around that page without clicking on continue then clicking on accept after seeing the warning page.

They even went so far as to give helpful hints and tips on what could be causing excessive bandwidth usage. Tips to scan computer for viruses in case of infection, secure wifi to avoid others using your connection, moderate streaming, etc. Every single person was given this information in two separate forms. So for them to claim that they never received any notification is a lie.

You guys continue to argue over the usage of the word unlimited. The Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy clearly explains that while there is no set limit on data per month, if you begin to negatively impact other paying customers on the network, then Clear reserves the right to either practice network management or terminate services.

It's common sense to see why such a policy is absolutely critical and necessary for a company such as Clear. Besides, take a moment and read the Terms of Service of any other Internet Service Provider. I bet you they all have an Acceptable Use Policy, or something similar, which more or less states the same thing. This isn't news.

As someone else said above: All of these users claiming that they only use 5GB a month and their services were terminated as a result of the second AUP violation, then please, post a screenshot of the usage meter which you can find by logging into your Clear account at clear.com/myaccount - your services are still active until 12/03/2012 (unless you have VOIP service), so you should be able to login into My Account with no issues.

I know for a fact that no one using that amount of data per month has received any notification regarding excessive bandwidth usage, or has had their services terminated as a result of such.

Winston Salem, NC
·AT&T Southeast
I think something's gone haywire with their usage meter.

When this story first broke I checked my usage on their website - it had me clocked at nearly 20GB for this billing cycle (ends next week).

Now when I check it is has me at under 10GB, half of what it said I was using last week.