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Detroit, MI
reply to Gozo

Re: U.S. Government doesn't need permission

Amen and Amen!! Those that would not wait for the process would subvert the very system they claim to cherish!! See, it's all good see --- as long as mostly or only they (those whom would rush to judgment) have at the very least the most power to decide what is or is not American, safe, private, etc. etc. However, when the "gubbamint" steps on their rights (bailout of banks, not 'Main St.', or failure to realize jobs, reduce foreign competition, or _________ take your pick) or otherwise abuses its power(s) then oohhhh, look out. The fundamental question we must all ask of ourselves is this: Are we against anyone having unchecked power, or are we merely against (fundamentally) the ones that currently wield such power having it ---- with ourselves as the most viable replacement??
Have A Healthy, Prosperous Day!