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Re: CNOC Files w/ CRTC Against Rogers

I have to admit, Rogers certainly did a better job this time attempting to justify their position. Compared to the last response, which was just pathetic.

They certainly get creative here. Still laughable, but I give them points for their ingenuity in finding excuses.

Like Tabernak said, point 6 is irrelevant and glosses over the fact that, while those tiers continue to exist for TPIA, they won't exist any more for their own customers.

In point 28 they say that: "Rogers is free to accept a lesser margin from its services by maintaining its retail prices in the intensely competitive retail market should it wish." So it's okay for them to subsidize the cost of their own customers on the backs of TPIA customers, is essentially what they're saying here? And LOL at "intensely" competitive marketplace.

Then in point 14 they use their annual rate hikes as a defense! They essentially admit that while right now their own customers are getting a supposed "free" upgrade, they are going to do their usual rate hike. Therefore, keeping the prices the same now is not a big deal since they will be raising them later, anyway. Never mind that they have a several month advantage over the competition, in the meantime.

Then they go on and whinge about how increased speeds for everyone would put a horrible burden on their network, and how supporting DOCSIS 3 users will cost them so much more than DOCSIS 2 users. Why did they bother with all those upgrades over the past year in preparation, then? Why not keep everyone on DOCSIS 2? Problem solved! LMAO.

All they do is tap-dance around the fundamental issue. They've given themselves an unfair competitive advantage. Doesn't matter whether it's going to be short-term or not.


said by TakeOffEh :

I have to admit, Rogers certainly did a better job this time

Only thing they did better was their obfuscation of the truth and trying to bring both people and commissioners for a loop in reality distortion.

The filing in it's entirety is nothing but bullshit. Then more bullshit to try and hide the original bullshit.