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This is a sub-selection from Tire Inflation ?

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reply to Jim Gurd

Re: Tire Inflation ?

said by Jim Gurd:

said by MooJohn:

Ford Explorers in the Firestone tire fiasco specified 26 psi on tires that were rated for 35

I believe they did that to reduce the likelihood of a rollover. Unfortunately, it backfired because the tires overheated, blew out, and caused the vehicle to roll over. Most likely those tires would have been safe if they had been inflated to 35 psi to begin with.

Nope, they didn't blow out (if some did it was an after effect), the tread separated and after that the leftover tire carcass would sometime disintegrate (then blow out afterwards) since the protection and overall tire integrity was gone with the tread.

The failures all involved tread separation — the tread peeling off followed often by tire disintegration. If that happened, and the vehicle was running at speed, there was a high likelihood of the vehicle leaving the road and rolling over.
And you should read about old rubber stock being used.

Firestone Plant in Illinois Made Many Problem Tires
ABCNEWS has learned that eight former employees of Bridgestone/Firestone Inc., have testified or promise to testify that they used out-of-date rubber stock for their tires; that radial coils were exposed to humidity, making them vulnerable to rust; and that final inspections were done too quickly.

A report in today’s Washington Post also said that some employees punctured bubbles in tires, in order to cover up flaws in the products.
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