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Montreal, QC
reply to cdru

Re: URGENT: load balancing without MLPPP

said by cdru:

said by Jurjen:

we're having 130 kids over to Facebook at the same time.

What does "to Facebook" to really mean? Unless they are posting videos or a ton of pictures, the upstream bandwidth is fairly trivial for posts or comments. Even Facebook games don't require much bandwidth in the up direction.

We don't intend to transfer videos, mainly text, but also pictures.

A big thanks to clarknova. I got pfsense up and running. I'm not getting into VLANs this time. I have a Gbit NIC for the WAN side (on-board) and added two 100Mbit NICs for the WANs. The routers will be linked together, but if they'll be overcharged, I'll add extra NICs to give dedicated lines to the pfsense machine (but if they can handle Gbit ethernet, I suppose that won't be the bottleneck).

I took the advice of installing Squid, since it seems useful. Lightsquid doesn't want to run properly though. Also punched in some QoS (traffic shaping) to almost complete stop everything except HTTP (ack) and DNS traffic.

Tomorrow morning I'm bringing everything to the theatre, tomorrow night general rehearsal with a smaller audience. Time for the test drive!


Grande Prairie, AB
·TekSavvy DSL
I've never used lightsquid or even looked into it. squid can do caching by itself though.

If you want, you could use firewall rules to completely block everything but http and DNS (or even just facebook and DNS). You may want to consider a limiter with a mask to keep every user to 1/.1 Mbps too, then just use the shaper to prioritize ACK. Do what works for you though.