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Vancouver, BC
reply to S760ud

Re: [TV] Rogers cable splitting?

said by S760ud:

With the introduction of digital cable, can a single outlet still be split in the way that each TV in the house still has its own control over the channels?

Well you can split the cable, but in order to invidually tune channels, each TV will needs it's down digital set top box (either a DTA50 digital-analog converter or a full blown STB like the 4642 or 8642) to decode/decrypt the channels.

said by S760ud:

I don't know where digital ends and analogue begins, but all of my analogue TVs are still working when connected directly to the single outlet.

That's because analog cable hasn't been cut off yet. All Rogers have done in most areas is altered the line up slightly by removing a few channels that was available on the analog lineup and moved it to digital only. The analog removal has just begun and Rogers haven't yet said when further attrition of the analog lineup will occur.