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Las Vegas, NV
reply to stev32k

Re: Cleaning oil off of concrete

Just put some Sea Foam on it.



Little Rock, AR
reply to stev32k
thats not a joke sea foam can fix anything

I just use oilsorb and a 2x4 on the end of a broom, the push broom type.

kinda grinds as you sweep back and forth. let it sit some and sweep it some more. Its hard to find the spot.

Thanks Steve
said by sparks:

thats not a joke sea foam can fix anything

+1 on Sea Foam.

When I was working on marine diesel engines, I got called to one that had been sitting for a couple of years and of course it was locked up. I pulled the injectors and poured Sea Foam in the cylinders every day for week. Finally got the crank shaft to rotate with a crow bar, more Sea Foam then put the starter back on and wound it up without injectors, then more Sea Foam. Put the injectors back in, bled the fuel system, cranked until that old tractor motor started popping and farting. It took about 30 minutes for it to run smooth enough for me to leave for a few hours and just let it run at a high idle.

I'm a believer in Sea Foam, it saved me an engine tear down and that was just one instance.

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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to stev32k
dish soaps can do amazingly well on oil. I find it funny how many people rate them higher than specifically designed products.

And I know from when I had an old car and did my own oil changes. dish soap cleaned off my lands and any mess around the work area faster than any so called workshop products or degrease chemicals(short of this foaming yellow stuff they hose the Deli down with at a supermarket before using the sanitize spray. That foaming yellow stuff was amazing went into this thing on the end of a hose and when you opened it up and spray a foam that degreased anything.)
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