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type of traffic more than the amount

For all you people that have been "fired" as a customer, as one guy put it, I would look at the type of traffic you have been using more than the amount of traffic.

If you use apps that generate thousands of connections, or thousands of small udp packets, such as file sharing or torrents, you were probably "fired".

Now, go do a test on your home network and see what type of throughput you can get just by passing a large file between two computers, but first break the data up into small udp packets. On a 10mbps link, (std Ethernet connection, or the Clearwire wireless connection), you will only get about 1.5-2mbps of throughput, MAX! Do that on a 100mbps link (fastethernet connection) and you only get about 15mbps max. Try sending another file between 2 other devices at the same time and the throughput will suck worse. Add opening thousands of connections, like file sharing or torrents do, and it is worse. Now apply that to a 30mbps wireless link with 50 or so other users and you will have 49 pissed off customers because they can only get 3 or 4 mbps speeds, when they should be getting 30mbps.

The cable companies have more capacity available on their connections so it isn't as noticeable, but if you hit that 50GB limit of use you will hear from them.

So if you are the wireless decision maker, do you piss off 1 customer or 49 others? I would rather piss off 1!