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Re: Abnormal Pings With Roadrunner

TWC is not a gaming ISP???? What or who is a gaming ISP? Besides what ISP wants to waste time arguing with some kid in his parents basement who blames his latency for the reason he keeps getting owned online. Oh and by the way if you were any good online you wouldn't be posting about your 60ms ping times. Like Hob said there is nothing wrong.


Port Byron, NY

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Who are you calling a kid? There are plenty of adults including myself that game online in our free time. I am a decent gamer and have been playing games since I was a kid. Like I said that 30ms ping feels upwards of over 100ms which puts me at a major disadvantage compared to the other players with lower ping and no lag issues. I've had a lot of my shots miss at close range when they should have hit. Shots that don't register despite aiming directly at someone, partly due to my highish ping and partly due to the games lag compensation/interpolation.

Another thing, the past day or two my ping has jumped to 45ms - 50ms or more on the same server. With some games a low as possible ping is important due to how the games netcode was developed. The game I primarily play online tends to work more poorly the higher someone's ping is. It is not only frustrating for the person with the higher ping that is playing but other players as well depending on how high their ping is.

Skill has nothing to do with it and I don't lack skill. I do just fine when my connection decides to work properly.

Sorry about posting this in the wrong place. I would request the thread to be moved but it doesn't seem like it's necessary since nothing can be done about my ping.

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My Speedtest: »www.speedtest.net/result/1218984197.png


reply to G0d
Why don't you come out of your hiding? You're anon when you attack the OP, why don't you just use your regular username? We know who you work for anyway!