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Re: Corruption

said by pizz:

i agree 100% with you. I'm just damn tired of this gov't electing these lobbyists into positions like this. Maybe moving to Sweden, Norway, will be a better thing for me and my family. This blatant corruption is too much for me.

Corruption is an issue because of the people we vote in and our inability to tackle it. What we need is a Separation of Corporation and State Constitutional amendment. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that not a single (R) would vote for such a rational thing.

God Forbid we setup an entity with the power to look out for the best interests of those mentioned in the preamble (pretext) of the Constitution - We the People. Anyone ever seen the terms: profit, business, CEO, corporations, Venture/Vulture Capitalist, heck Capitalist in our Constitution??

I have nothing against reasonable profit and so forth. However, these should never override the best interest of the people and ultimately our nation.

Moreover, what we have today is not the capitalism of the 50's or 60s; it's is crony capitalism and that is no better than any other extreme system - like Communism. In layman terms, shame s---t different smell.

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Astoria, NY
I agree, and well worded. By that I've learned alot.