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reply to funny0

Re: This ought to be interesting...

said by funny0:

YOU all realize that unless someone has a warrant that its against the law to gather intelligence and scan your ip for protocol information

as a hacker i know this to be fact. SO the data they gathered is and has been gotten by illegal means and would be removed form court.
this is why fighting that vic toews internet spy law ( ergo without a warrant stuff ) was so important cause if it had gone through the harper govt could have let hollywood or this company gather this data and sue you....

AS that did not happen and no warrant was or has been granted its illegal and they can be sued under the privacy law of canada and the charter of rights and freedoms.

HAVE a nice fucking day hollystupid...nexxxxxxt...
these people need to use the privacy law and fight hard and also make use of the recent fall of vic toews warrantless spy law ( the company is acting like that law vic toews wanted exists and it DOESNT)and that like rob ford they aren't above the law ( this company that did this )

#1 hacker rule, you don't talk about being a hacker :/

#2. They do not scan our "protocol". They gather enough evidence through what is being shared (publicly available information) and the IP responsible. They then get courts involved to subpoena the client information matching the IP and prosecute from there. (Short version)

I share your same anger, but you gloat about being a hacker all the time which in my younger days my crowd would have shunned you. Don't brag about it weather you are or aren't. White-hat or otherwise.

Point is, gathering enough data of which is publicly available is simple. Getting the ISP to comply is a whole new story, thus verizon in the states is being sued for refusing to hand customer data over.



Unrelated to your post, but, I absolutely love your creative icon!