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Hampton Bays, NY
reply to Guspaz

Re: They just dont learn

said by Guspaz:

Errm, Kodak is waaay worse off than RIM...

Kodak's stock value has gone from $80.25 in 1996 to $0.19 today, losing 99.8% of its value. Revenue is less than half what it was in 2005, they're bleeding huge sums of money, their stock has been removed from all indexes and been delisted from the NYSE, they've entered bankruptcy protection, and the only way they've managed to keep their losses from getting into the billions has been by selling off their most valuable divisions and pulling out of other markets.

In February 2012, Kodak announced that it would be shutting most things down to focus on printing. In September 2012, they pulled out of the inkjet printer market...

As for film stock for the motion picture industry, that market collapsed after the vast majority of films moved to digital. It's rare for a movie to be shot on 35mm these days, and distribution is pretty much dead (most big theaters don't have 35mm projectors anymore).

you are absolutely right, i must be watching too many old movies....
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