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This is a sub-selection from Obligatory rant from Tennessee


Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to birdfeedr

Re: Obligatory rant from Tennessee

said by birdfeedr:

Everybody who uses torrents are pirating something.

Wow thats some self-righteousness going on there and yes i detect the sarcasm in it

I make torrents for our software packages we develop and distribute them to our clients at their request.
So I guess my company is guilty.

Also if I commit a crime even though copyright infringement is a civil matter since there are no criminal penalties like incarceration involved in my personal life why does anyone freaking give a rats rear end about it.

Heck if you kill your next door neighbor I could care less about that and even less that you steal copyrighted material.
Maybe Im just jaded or an Anarchist at heart who knows.

In closing Ill add my usual rant
Death to the MPAA, Death to the RIAA and Death to the BSA.