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Beverly Hills, CA

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reply to filby

Re: DSL modems with built-in simultaneous Dual Band router ???

Well...I'm not a mind reader, but the Actiontec tech answered right away (that the c1000a series are Simultaneous Dual Band) so hopefully he really knows what he's talking about instead of just pretending to, which many tech support reps do...., it's just that I like to see it in writing for myself. I guess I'll just have to trust him and go with the C1000a.

BillAustin, is the purpose of getting it at Best Buy in the CL packaging purely to be able to get support from CL if later needed? Though I'd think CL would be smarter than to fall for that...they could just look you up in their system to see if you bought it directly from them or not, which I was told is their criteria for support. Or is it just that it comes preconfigured in some way for CL (or have optimized settings for CL built-in) ?

I'd really just like to retire my old router...it's only "G". I WAS going to buy an "N" while I had Cox cable still, but since I'm switching to CL and DSL modem, I was just planning to kill 2 birds w/one stone by buying the dsl modem (and thereby getting the built-in router). If it turns out to NOT be Simul., (which I don't know how I'd verify for sure) then I know I can probably leave the internal N router enabled and just bridge it to my old "g" router like you say, but I don't know if that really gets me "True" Simul. or not. And then there's the issue of having another device running sucking power (and being another point of hacking) etc.


Santa Clara, CA
said by filby:

that the c1000a series are Simultaneous Dual Band

It has a single radio.
In any case there are 2.4 and 5GHz dual band, which still slow down for g or b mode.