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Havertown, PA

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Re: Verizon is using Sandy as an excuse to force people to FiOS

I have a relative in Woodbury, NJ (not a major hit area for Sandy - just a lot of rain and wind with not a lot of downed trees in his immediate area). After the storm, his POTS service went down the toilet. If you call him, you ether get 2 rings and a fast busy signal, 1 ring and static or the call may go through normally. He can call out reliably but the connection has a lot of hum and static on it.

His DSL (provisioned at the 768 level) has dropped to somewhere around 386 - varies. V* has been out on the street in his area with techs in the Copper splice boxes trying to fix the problem (for a lot of their subscribers in the area) but there has not been much progress.

He talked to one of the techs and the guy said that POTS was a real mess with a lot of wind-driven water damage all over the place and that they were not sure how good the service would be after many weeks of repairs.

There is FiOS already in his area but my relative has been resistant to the change because he thought it would up his bill. He just found out that he'll get 3/1 Internet & FiOS DV for about $5 less than he's paying now for basic POTS (no included long distance) and 768 DSL I'net so he's finally making the switch. FiOS is supposed to be installed next Wed. He's having the ONT put inside his basement and I'm going to be there to hold his hand for the technology shock I expect he will show.
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